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One of my favorite things to do when life's busy routines offer a moment of reprieve is to engage in new mini projects that fuel my creativity and satisfy my curiosity.
I've found that this not only keeps my skills sharp and relevant, but also opens doors to exciting new areas of knowledge and expertise to absorb.


Sim Racing Vault website

A custom build PHP/HTML 5 website which is a car setup repository for one of my favorite racing simulation games on Microsofts Xbox game console . Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Mini project

Raspberry PI + Solar power

A Hard- and software project with a raspberry PI zero and custom Python code to display data from my home solar array on a 16x2 LCD display using REST API's.

Mini project

Xbox Button box

An external button box which allows me to control additional setting during sim-racing that cannot be done on the Xbox controllers/ Racing wheels.


Synology backup to AWS

Read my journey of transitioning backups from Synology C2 to AWS Glacier. Discover the simplicity, cost savings, and benefits of this move. 

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